Luke Rogers Gmail Mistakes

Hey Luke, yeah you. Apparently you think you know your email address when in fact you do not. I have a gmail address with which includes other variations (lukerogers, l.u.k.e.r.o.g.e.r.s, etc…) due to the way Google handles email accounts ( If the only alphabetic characters before the @ symbol are “lukerogers” and they are in that order then the email comes to me.

With that said I have had 3 different people sign up for accounts on sites and use some variation of my email address so I receive their verification emails and therefore I can log into their accounts. Now, I haven’t done that because it would be unethical. People should really be sure they know what their email address is before they create an account of any site.

If you are one of the Luke’s I am referring to email me at the email addresses I eluded to at the beginning of this email and I will send over the information you were supposed to receive. Here are the Luke’s and what they might be looking for:

  • Luke in Europe (Airline account, looked like a nice trip)
  • Luke in Pennsylvania (Online Textbook for this semester, probably important and thank your dad for paying)
  • Luke in Great Britain (iTunes account, you probably want this one)

Generation of Designer File Creation Failed

I ran into the problem recently where Visual Studio 2008 could not generate the designer file for a page that was using a custom control that had templated sections. I scoured the internet and couldn’t find anything so I resorted to some old school techniques. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Rebooted (It is Microsoft after all)
  2. Deleted all of the files out of C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files
  3. Opened the Solution
  4. Ran a Clean on the solution
  5. Rebuilt

That seemed to work. Just a little heads up for other people like me. I am currently running Windows XP but upgrading to Windows 7 in September.

JQuery TableSorter Pager Problems

I had a problem recently where the Pager for the TableSorter plungin for jQuery was skipping pages after I manipulated the table (temporarily hid a row).

Just so you know what I was doing I was showing a table of 100 rows then paging it 10 records at a time. The goal was to allow the user to select items and add them to a list. When they selected an item I would hide the row and create a new row in a new table. If they wanted to remove the item I needed to have it show up in the table again.

If the user selected and item on page 1, went to page 2 and “unselected” the first item I needed to show it again where it originally was. Since the tablesorter hides the actual DOM elements you have to show the entire table again, show the row again then apply the Pager plugin to get pagination back. This worked great until you tried to change pages and it ended up skipping pages. The more times you ran tablesorterPager on the table the more pages it skipped.

I searched high and low for the answer and it turns out it was burried here in the innocuous line saying $(“#pager *”).unbind(‘click’);

It turns out that each time you run tablesorterPager() on the table it binds a new click event handler so it runs multiple times. The key is to either call the unbind method before each tablesorterPager() call or add that line to the contructor of the tablesorterPager plugin javascript file. Either way will work but the later is favorable since you only do it once.

Here are terms I tried searching on in case others are trying the same:
jquery tablesorterpager cache problem
jquery tablesorterpager cache update
jquery tablesorterpager skipping page

Firefox Addin that saved my ass – Poster

Without going into too much detail I am working on an application where a small portion of the functionality allows companies to assign and track online training for their employees. We aren’t in the business of creating or hosting the online classes but we need to be able to track their progress through each course so we can give them credit when they complete it.  The online class provider uses the HACP interface (I would love to add a link to resources if you are looking for them but they are hard to come across) which means that it POST’s data to a page you provide, you work your magic and send a response back. I did this and it worked perfectly… when we hosted the content.

When we made out way out to production and a client went to use it they noticed that the course launched just fine but when they completed the course nothing happened. I looked in the database and sure enough nothing had been updated. Since we use ASP.NET my initial response was to make sure the page was allowed to be acccessed without being authenticated and that was correct. I knew the provider was able to hit the page since when the course is launched the it hits the page and gets a response with the users information so it had to be something else.

The main problem I ran into was that I couldn’t attach to the process in production to debug and I couldn’t replicate the real world scenario so I had no clue how I was going to attack this problem.

Tonight I got an email from CodeProject that had a link to an article called 15 Firefox add-ons for Web developers. I like tools so I checked it out. Low and behold there is an addin that allows you create your own web request (GET, POST, HEAD, etc…) and change it to be what you want. This addin is called Poster (boring name but effective). I installed it and within a few minutes I was able to mimic the exact scenario that I needed to. The problem that I ran into was that ASP.NET validates requests and it was blocking the content saying that it was unsafe. I added ValidateRequest=”false” to my header and it works now.

If you are looking for information about HACP and C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET or any combo in between there aren’t many resources and I’m not sure what I am allowed to share so RTFM over and over again. Good luck!

New Shoes for my G-Ride

Well, that’s about the most gangsta I’ll get all day.

Last May I went out to Moab with some friends for a camping trip and while we where there a friend pointed out that my tires were getting kind of bald.  Me being the responsible adult that I am did nothing about it for 8 months. I like to think that this in itself is an accomplishment because I was able to drive on bald tires for 8 months without getting a flat or in an accident.

The problem with my car is that it comes with fancy shmancy rims that have non-standard tires which I didn’t realize until I went to get new tires.  I found the size and went online to Discount Tire and the cheapest tire I could find was $150/piece plus installation and 15 random fees. I know I appear to be wealthy due to my thick accent and many leather bound books but I actually try to stay on a budget and $800 for tires didn’t quite fit in.

In my search for tires I came across and found their site to be extremely helpful and easy to operate. Like most sites they took in my car make, model, year and also that I had specialized tires but what I found most helpful was how they then proceeded to ask how you would be driving on the tires. Would you drive on the snow? Would they be a dedicated snow tire? Do you like to drive fast? What is your favorite food? Then they made recommendations based on those answers. The tire they recommended for me was spaghetti.

After looking at the tires they recommended for me I was able to get tires at a price that was pretty fair ($115/each) that came highly recommended by previous buyers.I was a little skeptical of the reviews until I found a handful of tires that had terrible reviews so that leads me to believe they are real. I went with the Potenza G 019 Grid beacause they got good reviews, the test results looked favorable, they were reasonable priced and they looked kind of cool.

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking “But Luke, if you buy tires online how are you going to get them installed?” Well, I’ll tell you. actually has a list of installers in your area and you can ship directly to the installer. They also have previous customers review the installers so you know what you are getting into. I chose to use the installer they recommended in my area, The Tire Source. The installation charges were fair, they were really nice and they did a great job. I also wasn’t going to be able to pick it up before they closed so they agreed to lock my keys in the car and I would come back with a set of spare keys and take it when I was ready.

Moral of the story: I’m surprised you’re still reading this; it was boring. Oh yeah, sometimes doing things differently than you are used to can pay off. I had a great experience buying tires this way and would recommend it to others.

Re-center ASP.NET ModalPopup with Javascript

I had the problem of opening a modal popup in my ASP.NET application and showing more information when the user clicks a checkbox or radio button and the data was too big for the modal or the dropshadow wouldn’t match up with the parent window.  I searched all over the web and posted a question on StackOverflow but I couldn’t find anything.

Finally I got the brilliant idea to check the source code to see what happens  in there and then I found the answer:


Just add that javascript to the event where you are changing the content of the modal and it will resize.

Today I shed a tear

On Monday November 24th, 2008 I was in a tragic accident. I tore my ACL playing indoor soccer.

On Monday January 12th, 2009 I had ACL constructive surgery using part of my hamstring.

Today, Wednesday January 12th, I am stuck on a couch with nothing to do. I am so bored that I resorted to watching American Idol. Shoot me. 

When I tore my ACL I was really scared that it would ruin my plans to travel to Honduras over Christmas and New Years. After speaking to my doctor he said it would be okay for me to go as long as I took it easy and didn’t put myself at risk. I did just that and the trip went great quite well (see I was propositioned).

Monday I woke up at 5:45 in order to get to the surgery center at 6:30. Christie and I left  at 6:20 thinking it would be plenty of time but when I looked outside I saw it was dumping snow. We weren’t too late when we arrived at 6:45 and I was the second surgery of the day so check in was pretty easy and I was in pre-op before I knew it.

After all of the questions and verifying that they were in fact replacing my right ACL with a piece of my hamstring they brought in Dr Happy aka the anesthesiologist. Right before they took me back into the operating room Dr Happy gave me some juice to help me relax. For those of you that have had surgery and had this medication understand what I am talking about. As I rolled into the operating room the juice kicked in and I said “oh yeah, there it is” and I think there was some laughter but that is where my memory goes blank.

The next thought I had was “when are they going to start my surgery” only to realize that I was in the recovery room. I was shivering non-stop and I heard the nurse tell me that she would give me something to help me out. After the shot of demerol and a blanket that had hot air piping through it I warmed up and continued through a pattern of wake and sleep.

After about 3 hours in the recovery room they gave me a swift exit (I guess making more room) and I was on for a new adventure. I took up residence on Christie’s futon with my ice machine running while I went in an out of consciousness for the rest of the day. 

Tuesday was more of the same with sleeping most of the day and not doing anything.

Today I ventured to the Physical Therapist office which I thought was crazy. I just had surgery two days ago and I can’t event stand on it and I’m going to PT? The visit was quick but hardly painless. He had me work on an exercise where I try to extend my leg as much as I can while pushing down then lift my leg and hold it for a few seconds.  Now the the most painful thing I can do right now is fully extend my leg so this exercise was like listening to country music (I hate country music) while stabbing myself in the eye. Finally I got out of there and could breathe again.

This is just the very beginning of a very long journey and I’m hoping the worst is over and it will get better each day. They tell me I should be able to jog in about 3 months and run in about 5. After 6-7 months I should be able to make cutting moves while running and be fully recovered after 9-12 months.  Just in time for ski season.

I Was Propositioned

I was recently in Honduras for a vacation with some friends and just past the halfway mark we spent the night in La Ceiba, Honduras. We had some traveling books on Honduras and both of them mentioned that La Ceiba had an active night life and we were excited to check it out.

As we walked towards the main area of town we noticed some police driving by but didn’t think much of it. The streets were a far cry from the scene earlier in the day. The streets were packed with people walking, shopping, talking, driving, honking, selling and haggling. Now it was an empty town as if everyone packed up and left town. We turned on to the main strip and started walking towards the area where more people were.

We passed a street vendor that had a couple guys standing out front. As we passed them one guy seemed friendly and started talking to us as we walked. We didn’t think much of it and kept walking but he kept up with us and continued talking to me and another guy with us. He was telling me that he was a good boy and that it was okay. He then told Christie that he was a good boy and it was okay.

Now I’m starting to get freaked out and worrying about my wallet and my passport. I don’t want to get robbed or beat up or sent to jail so I am looking for a way out of the situation. Next thing I know he tells me that I can have him for $50-$60.

Wait, what?

Thats right, I could have him for $50-$60. Gross.

We make a beeline for a restaraunt, any restaraunt, and walked in to get away from that guy. All of us were freaked out and decided to take a cab home even though we were only 8-9 blocks away from the hotel.

At this point I was ready to go home but thankfully the rest of the trip went very well and we had a great time.

Note to kids: don’t talk to anybody.

The Engagement Night Story

My birthday is December 11th and Christie and I went to dinner at the Walnut Brewery which is my favorite restaurant. The night was perfect; we had great food, great beer and we were joined by my good friends Ryan and Amanda towards the end of our meal and laughed a lot. This was a distraction from the truth.

The Plan: Christie is very close to her family and friends so I wanted to incorporate this into the engagement night. My idea was to have all of the people that were important in her life in one place so she could go and share the moment with all of them. I would propose to her nearby and trick her into going out for a drink so we could celebrate with just the two of us before chaos ensued. 

The Execution: My goal was to catch Christie completely off guard and I figured it would be pretty easy to accomplish this around my birthday. I got home from work at 6:00 I realized I had a text message from Christie asking what our plans were for the eventing. Oops, I forgot to tell her what the plans were! When I called her back she was very short and I could tell she was annoyed but I couldn’t help from laughing in my head. Her night was going to take a major turn later on. I went to her house so we could go to dinner and she seemed less than enthusiastic about the evening due to my lack of communication and the headache she was fighting all day long. I tried to cheer her up a little bit so dinner would be fun.

At 7:00, Christie and I met some of my friends from work at a Hibachi grill in Westminster to celebrate my birthday again; at least that is what she thought. My friends were in on the scam and were acting as a diversion from the whole engagement thing. We had a great dinner and finished up just before 9:00.

I told Christie that we were going to meet a friend of mine at a bar because he wanted to blow off some steam since he was in the midst of finals for grad school. My plan was to park at the St Julien Hotel (the nicest hotel in Boulder) and somehow get her out in the courtyard to propose under a gazebo. When I asked if she was going to park there she said that we should park at the bus station since it was much closer. Damn logic, couldn’t argue with her. We went from going to one of the more romantic places in boulder to a public transportation hub; awesome. I had to improvise to figure out where I could propose in the 2 blocks from the parking garage to the bar filled with everyone waiting for us.

There is an ice skating rink close to the Pearl Street Mall but as we drove near it I could see that it was packed and I wanted a slightly secluded place where people wouldn’t be staring at us. We started walking from the bus station to the bar and we were going to walk right by the courthouse.


When I saw it I decided it was about as perfect as it was going to get. Once Christie saw it she started talking about how beautiful it was and then she went on a tangent on how she wanted to decorate her house first thing in the morning since my parents would be coming over before breakfast and how she needed to clean her house before decorating it and AHHHHHHH!!! The feeling you got from reading that sentence was how I felt at that moment.

As we got right in front of the courthouse I said “hey” and grabbed her arm. I turned her around and said “I love you.” She said she loved me too then I said “I want to marry you” and she said that she wanted to marry me too. At the moment I grabbed the jewelry box out of my pocket and started to kneel while saying “so…” While I was on my way down I was watching Christie and I could tell she was registering what was actually happening. When I got on my knee Christie bent over ever so slightly and made an awkward face that made her look like she was about to vomit. I wanted to avoid any sort of disaster so I moved along quickly.

“Will you marry me?” That was all I could get out. I didn’t have a major speach in my head but I wanted to say more than four words but I couldn’t get it out. Still bent over she managed to say yes as she started to cry. I stood up and we hugged for a little bit then I pulled away so I could put the ring on her finger. I got it about half way on then told her that she needed to do it so I wouldn’t break her finger. We hugged some more and it was a very magical moment.

We started to walk to the bar and she said excitedly “I need to call my parents!” and I said “hey, let’s go get a drink and just enjoy this moment, you can call them soon” and she agreed. When we got to the corner across from the bar I could see my friend Ryan and her father inside the bar. We had a red light so I turned her towards me so the surprise wouldn’t be ruined. We crossed the street and as we got right in front of the door she saw her dad’s head (her words) and started to cry. We went inside where her parents, my parents and 30 of our closest friends were waiting for us. We entered the bar to a showering of silver streamers (thanks mom) and  Christie was in tears.


The rest of the night was spent with our friends and family enjoying the night and speculating on the future (no kids anytime soon). The night turned out perfectly and I couldn’t ask for a better experience. I truly believe this was the perfect beginning for the adventure that Christie and I are setting out on.

I would like to thank everyone that showed up or sent us congratulations and best wishes. Though it might take us a while to get in touch with each of you, know that you are in our thoughts and we will be in touch soon.


Engagement Ring Diary

October 8, 2008 – Tonight I was in San Diego for work (which is just about every other week). After a few beers with coworkers I made the nightly “girlfriend call” and I mentioned to Christie that she should go to a jewelry store to get her finger sized so I knew what size ring to get. Obviously she was caught off guard and said that she wanted me to go with her because she was nervous. After a few minutes I agreed to go with her because that is the type of guy I am.

October 9, 2008 – When I got back from San Diego I went over to Christie’s for dinner since I had not seen her in 5 days. When I walked in the door she was really excited to see me and I just assumed it is because we haven’t seen each other in a while. We hug then move on to pressing matters; I was hungry and she had a burger on the George Foreman for me. After I finish eating it we turn on Grey’s Anatomy and within 10 minutes she said “I have a present for you.” Oh crap, I forgot it was our 1 year celebration of our first date tomorrow. I told her that I didn’t get anything for her and she didn’t mind. She handed me a card and I opened it to find a perfect card (won’t divulge what it said) and pictures of rings she tried on that she liked. That’s why she was so giddy! 

October 14, 2008 – Today I planned on going to a jeweler to start the process but I chickened out justifying that I should wait to take care of it tomorrow since I needed to be around work in case something breaks.

October 15, 2008 – Today was the day I made my venture to the jeweler. I hemmed and hawed over if I should go or not but then I thought that if Christie could do it,  so could I. I grabbed the pictures Christie gave me so I had a reference of what she liked and headed out the door. When I got in the elevator it felt like the floor dropped out but it was actually my stomach. For all the time I spent thinking about it this was the first time that it seemed real. I know it is the right decision but I am still nervous about buying a ring. Not for what it stands for but the fact that I am actually buying a ring. The one block walk to the jeweler went way too fast, I needed more time or some excuse to turn around but I couldn’t back out now. I went to the third floor where they are located and walked to the door to find out that they were closed for the day. DAMNIT. The journey continues….

October 16, 2008 – Today I made my way to the jeweler and when they asked me how they could help me and I stumbled over saying “I guess I need to look for an engagement ring.” Now this wasn’t their first rodeo so they maintained their calm while my stomach was doing some sort of exotic dance that I can’t do. I was introduced to a salesperson and told she would help take care of me. First off she wanted to know what I was looking for (aka how much I could spend) and she was very polite and helped put me at ease. She then disappeared into the back room and came back with a handful of pouches that contained different diamonds. Over the next 45 minutes she showed me various stones of different sizes, shapes and varying quality so I could see what I was up against. Wow, if I thought the decision was tough before it just got 100 times worse. She brought out round cuts, princess cuts, ascher cuts, radiant cuts and that is just the shape! I had to learn about clarity and color all the while trying to keep things in order so I knew what I was looking at and what I was looking for. She had me look at the diamonds through a magnifying piece and that was an art form all of it’s own. A couple times she pointed out imperfections and told me where to look and I just said “Yeah, I see that” even though I couldn’t see a damn thing. At the end I came out with some knowledge but still confused. I don’t know if I’m supposed to pick the ring first then pick the diamond that looks good in it or pick the diamond I want then pick a setting that makes it look good (I’m leaning towards the latter). Whew, time to breathe…

October 23, 2008 – Today I opened the flood gates. I setup a Google Document so Christie and I could put pictures and links to rings that we liked and she could add her feedback on them. No less than 20 minutes after I set it up and sent her the note was there a ring in there. Keep in mind, this is about 9:00 AM and we are both at work so it isn’t what either of us are supposed to be doing but that seem to get in the way. By lunch I threw in links to 3 rings I found and by 2:00 she left her feedback for me. When I got home from work there were about 8 more rings in there for me to look at. I gotta say, she has good taste and I’m sure I’ll be paying for it soon!

November 17, 2008 – Today I went to another jeweler to get a different perspective and I’m glad I did. When I told this jeweler what my budget was they said that wouldn’t be a problem and proceeded to show me diamonds that were 50% larger than the last store I went to. I really enjoyed my time with this guy and he made it seem like it wouldn’t be a problem to get the ring I want at the price I want in the timeframe I want (5 weeks from today!).  As I was leaving he gave me his card and put down 4 websites I should look at to find the right ring for me. Being the managerial type that I am I gave the links to Christie and sent her to work. Soon there were about 24 rings in the spreadsheet for me to peruse so I could figure out what she likes, what she doesn’t like and hopefully I can come up with the perfect ring. 5 weeks seems like a lot of time but with my travel schedule I figure I need to be on the ball plus  I have heard horror stories of guys getting messed up rings or delays in delivery. Gotta figure this one out soon.

November 29, 2008 – I just spent Thanksgiving with Christie’s family and it was  a lot of fun. I met her brother and his two boys and they were very nice and did not put me through the ringer. We came home today and sat throgh 3.5 hours of driving home through a crazy storm but I had someplace to go. My jeweler, Lauren Diamonds, had some diamonds for me to see and I wanted to look at them today since I am leaving for San Diego tomorrow. They close at 3:00 and we were still in Georgetown at 2:45, uh oh. I called and they said they would stick around for me but I drove pretty fast since the roads were okay. Christie and I have been talking about getting engaged for a while so I told her I needed to run by my jeweler to look at some diamonds and she agreed to go there but not go in. When I got there Gary (the owner) asked if I wanted a beer…. Christie can drive, right? Helen (my salesperson) brought out a beautiful round diamond that is bigger than I expected and showed it to me and told me the surprising price. Before we looked at another diamond I said “done” and that was that. Now I have a diamond but I need to pick a setting…

December 1, 2008 – Today I needed to decide on the setting so I can get the ring by this weekend. I spent this morning pouring over hundreds of rings (again) trying to find the perfect ring. I printed out 5 that I thought were awesome and headed to Lauren Diamonds to get a better idea based on the catalog and price (I do have a buget after all). When I got there I quickly got rid of 3 of them because they can’t hold the diamond because it’s too big (BOOYAH) or cost half as much as the diamond. I was down to two rings and one really stuck out in my mind so I went with that one. Of course that was one of the first rings I found that I liked so I felt pretty good about it. Next thing I knew they had my credit card and we are off to the races.

December 6, 2008 – Today was a great day, sort of. I had this grand plan to pick up the ring then head straight up to Christie’s parents house to talk to them. I was hanging out with Christie before she left for for an overnight birthday celebration for a friend in Keystone but  she didn’t leave until 12:30. I didn’t want to drive up there and get stuck or have a 3 hour drive home so I decided to head up tomorrow. After my lazy saturday morning I drove down to Denver to pick up the ring. When I got there they showed me the ring and it was awesome. I gave them my credit card again and boom, it was done. I left the store and I had my eye on everyone thinking that they knew I had a small fortune in my pocket and they intend to steal it. They knew I was a ninja so they left me alone. When I got to my car I decided to take another peek at it and again; I was in awe. I went home and looked at it some more. She has to love the ring, it is beautiful. Everywhere I went I took it with me to make sure nobody stole it. 

December 7, 2008 – Today was the day I went to Christie’s parents house and begged them to let me ask her to marry me. This is a story all in itself so you will have to read that post.

December 9, 2008 – Today I added a couple of rings to the spreadsheet to try and throw Christie off some more so the the 12th (when I propose) is a real surprise. Tonight after dinner I had her pull them up to make sure she got a good look and I also had her pull up the ring I bought her. It was awesome, as she looked through about a dozen rings she kept the one I bought open the entire time and said it was her favorite. Now I feel really good about my decision and she will love it. I hope she doesn’t think I bought it after tonight…

Here it is